Friday, February 3, 2017

Welcome to Can-Am Cryptic Crosswords blog. I created this blog to repair some problems in the original version of my book. Hopefully, if you have a copy of that book bought before I fixed it, you managed to find your way here and I can help.

The book before revision has a typo on page 'IV', 2nd paragraph - "... tear you hair out" instead of "...tear your hair out". If you have that book, and would like a copy of the revised text, please email me at

To get the new version, I will want you to send me just page IV of that book (with your name and address written on it) by mail. Upon receipt, I will send the new version at no cost to you.

Changes in the new version:
  • fixed typos
  • fixed some very obscure clues to be somewhat less so
  • removed some duplicated words and clues
  • replaced some words and clues
  • added some minor text changes 
See  Crossword-Compiler for the terrific program used to build these puzzles.